Amazing Piano HD Lite 1.0

Amazing Piano HD Lite 1.0


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Date Added:10 May, 2014

Author: Wang Lixiang

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Featured by Apple in "New and Noteworthy Music App"

This is the lite version of Amazing Piano HD. Only limited 6 songs
Using Headset to Get More Professional Sound Effect

This is a specially designed piano software for iPad. You just tap the correct letter in the virtual keyboard to match the note displayed on the screen, then you will enjoy a beautiful song.

Amazing Piano HD Lite makes it easy to play piano even though you don't know anything about this instrument. Amazing Piano HD Lite makes it as easy as tapping the keyboard.
The skill of the musician is tested as notes are played on a music staff. Just tap the correct letter in the virtual keyboard to match the note displayed on the screen.

Under the practice mode, you can judge whether you tap the keys right or not through changes of the water globule in the middle of the screen. Blue is the default color, green means the right-tap, and red means the wrong-tap. When users tap the keys correctly according to the prompt, the color will turn from monochrome into colorful.

Use it to train your musical skill. Smarten your ears and fingers.
Time to make it a must-have! Become a Pianist with iPad!!

16-bit high-quality sounds
Hint function guiding you how to play piano
Autoplay function
Realistic actions when you need
Judge whether you tap the keys right or not
Colorful letter hint
Full-featured playback
Keep the recordings all in one list
Play personal record
Friendly operator interface
Real-time and play, no delay
3 levels of music speed
2 modes: Free and Practice
Keyboard piano style
Super rapid loading speed
Effects volume function
Right-hand or left-hand preferring set

1) There is one to one correspondence between A to G & 1 to 7 (Numbered musical notation)
2) Same reason but certificate H to N means 1 to 7 (Augmented);
3) Go round and round, until Z.
4) Enjoy it, Have fun!

* Note:
When you are in the game interface, tap the area of piano keys to return to the main menu.

Below there is a step by step tutorial guiding you how to use Amazing Piano HD Lite background music function:
1) Start your iPod application(in your iPhone or iPod Touch);
2) Choose your preferred song and play it;
3) Click your Home Button;
4) Start Amazing Piano HD Lite;
5) Enjoy it, and play your favorite songs!

* Song List:
(Every song is divided into 3 speed levels, slow, middle and fast. So there are 18 singles you can play)
A Time for Us
Happy Birthday
Jingle Bells
Song of Matador
Wedding March

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please email to

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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